Seed Planters

IMG_4539 (1)

As we celebrated Mother’s Day this last weekend, I love to think about moms as seed planters. Moms sow into the lives of the next generation through their words and example. ALL of us are seed planters as we bless and strengthen the people around us with our words of hope and love. Every day we have the opportunity to sow into the lives of others not only in conversation, but through social media and email as well.

What kind of seeds are you planting? The most fruitful seeds are sown with God’s grace-filled love toward others. If we have a righteous point we want to make, but do not sow the seeds with love, they most often will fall on deaf ears or rocky soil. Let us be planters of good words, lovingly and gracefully sowing the seeds of God’s word to the people around us.

Ask the Lord to love others through you today. It may be a stranger in the checkout line or a rebellious child or a difficult neighbor.  Love the one in front of you by planting good seeds that will grow into a beautiful harvest in the lives of others.

Happy planting.

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