Refreshing Rain


 You gave abundant showers, O God;  you refreshed your weary inheritance.         Psalm 68:9

Dallas weather has been crazy lately. Although it seems as though we have had constant rain for weeks, we are actually thankful for it. When you’ve been through periods of draught, you learn to count the rain as a gift from God to renew and refresh the dry and thirsty land.

God is the giver of refreshing rain. In Psalm 68 we read that He gave abundant showers to the Israelites to refresh them. God provided for His people in the wilderness. He was the one who met their needs. Now, keep in mind He also allowed them to go through the wilderness and experience dry times in their lives.

There are times when we may feel weary physically or dried up emotionally or worn out spiritually. Although we may go through the wilderness, we also know that it will not last forever. God does not leave us alone in our dry times. Do not lose heart, for the God who allowed his people to dwell in the wilderness also sent abundant showers and refreshing rain to His weary inheritance. Look to the Lord. He is the one who offers restoration to tired souls. Ask Him for abundant showers to not only cleanse you, but to refresh and heal you.

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