National Day of Prayer

Almighty, all-powerful, all-knowing God, we praise You for your love and mercy. You are holy and sovereign.  You are good, and You are kind. Thank You for the blessings we have enjoyed in this nation. Thank you for your favor and kindness toward us, even though we do not deserve it.

Today, we come to You in humility recognizing our great need for You. We confess our sin, our hard hearts, our rebellious desires and our self-centered living. We confess we have not allowed You to be the center of our lives, and instead have allowed many idols to creep into our hearts.  We have lost our focus on You and replaced it with a focus on a multitude of interests which keep us distracted. Oh Lord, draw us back to You!

We ask for your protection and your watch-care over this great nation, as our forefathers once prayed. We ask for your continued mercy. Most important, we ask for revival. Turn our hearts back to you. Begin in the families; begin with the fathers.  Help parents to once again teach their children about your love and your goodness. Protect the children both born and unborn.  Heal our land. Our eyes are on You, as we recognize that You are our only hope.  Help us to teach our children to love You will all of their heart, soul, mind and strength and help us to do the same.  Help us to show love and forgiveness toward others as You have showed love and forgiveness toward us.

In Jesus Name we pray,  Amen.


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