This is considered “Passion Week” as we reflect on the days Jesus moved from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem toward the cross where He paid the ultimate sacrifice for us. Often, we think of passion as a deep feeling of love and concern, but the word itself means so much more. Passion comes from the Latin word passio which means to endure or suffer. Because of His deep love for us, Christ chose to endure the suffering on the cross on our behalf. So “Passion Week” is actually “Suffering Week” – a week when we look with gratitude on what Jesus did for us. But the story doesn’t end there, we also rejoice this week for Easter Sunday, celebrating the victory of Christ’s resurrection.

In his letter to the Philippians, the apostle Paul encouraged believers to not only know Christ in the power of His resurrection, but also to experience the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings. Our faith in Christ not only calls us to live a life of victory and power, but it also calls us to die to self and serve others with humility and love. Christ did not cling to His Heavenly rights (Philippians 2:6), but humbled Himself as a servant and became obedient even to the cross.

This week (and every week), let’s turn our eyes toward Jesus in joy and gratitude for His sacrificial love for us. May we be inspired by His example to live in loving and grace-filled service toward others. Perhaps we need to consider some of the rights we tend to hold onto in our lives or perhaps areas where we feel we are above serving or caring. Let’s open our hands to Him and ask Him to guide us and flow through us as we reflect His love to the world.

Point to Ponder: The word Compassion means to join into someone else’s suffering. Where is God calling you to serve, to love and to show mercy?

This week on my facebook page I am looking at what the Bible has to say about Jesus. Join me each day for a new reflection. Click Here.

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