True Positive: Day 13 – Stop Complaining


Grumbling and complaining rarely make things better; in fact, they usually make things worse. I’m not trying to be a Pollyanna and suggest that we never have anything to complain about. Yet, when negative things happen, we can recognize it and choose to do something constructive rather than destructive with our concerns.

It is easy to let our minds and mouths run with negative complaints or gossip, but it takes a strong person to guard her mouth and think about a positive plan of action. What is a healthy way to respond to our challenges? Pray, plan and present. When we face something that we don’t like or agree with at work, or in the neighborhood or at church, let’s first bring it before the Lord and seek His wisdom and guidance. Next, let’s think of a positive and constructive plan. Perhaps an alternative or a solution or even simply informing the right person about the problem. Then present your information to the one who can actually do something about it, and do it in a respectful and wise way.

Positive people make a plan rather than waste their time and energy complaining about the issues.


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