Guest Blogger – Sonja Samuel


As we prepare for the holidays, I asked my friend Sonja Samuel to write a blog to encourage us as we face the days ahead. Be sure to check out the info at the end of the blog about her seminar, “Get Through the Holidays Without Losing Your Mind!”



With so much uncertainty and division surrounding us, it appears everyone has become a commentator or critic as it relates to our national state of affairs. Regardless of what side you are on, the back and forth of ideologies and opinions have created an unusual high level of fear, worry and doubt. The negativity on social media has hit an all-time high (or low depending on your perspective), added to the tell-tell signs of many who seem to be overworked, burned out and overwhelmed. On top of it all, the holiday season is upon us which comes with its own set of apprehension and pensive attitudes. One could walk around feeling like ‘the hits just keep on coming.’

This is not the life we’ve been created to live. This type of thinking and behavior puts us in survival mode. We were created to thrive …not just survive! Therefore, we must change the dialogue and redirect our energy. In doing so, if the truth be told, a little anxiety can be a good thing if used wisely. Because of its levels of uneasiness and discomfort, it can push us to rise above the fray and seek out creative solutions. It can motivate us to pursue hope, and in some cases healing. With the proper thought process and desire, it can challenge us to be better, do differently. It can even bring out our greatest potential, and drive our relationships to a deeper level of authenticity, with the crowning achievement of commandeering our faith to new heights of trust and truth!

To help us get through these unprecedented times, including the holidays and the rest of the year without losing our minds, take some time to do 3 things:’

  • Remember – Remember a time when you thought all hope was lost, all possibilities had been exhausted and/or you didn’t know how you were going to make it through. However, here you are today. You got through it and you will again.
  • Reflect – Reflect on what is good, what is beautiful and what is positive. Bless the stress in your life and use it to propel you forward, not backward.
  • Respond – Respond with care, caution and most of all with grace to those you differ with. It is still true that more bees can be caught with honey that vinegar. Therefore, be gracious in your speech. In every conversation, let the goal be to bring out the best in others not put them down or cut them out.


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