Listen – 25 Positive Words, Day 24

Day 24

One of the greatest gifts we can give to another person is the gift of listening. When we honestly and sincerely listen to others, we affirm them and help them feel valued. Even when we don’t share the same opinion or perspective on life, we can still ask good questions and listen well to the other person’s point of view. This Christmas, let’s take a genuine interest in the people in our path and find out what is important to them.

James 1:19, “ Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”

Speak – 25 Positive Words, Day 23

Day 23

Life and death are in the power of our words. Let us use our words to speak life into others by sincerely giving them encouragement. The word “encourage” literally means to give strength to the heart. When we use our words to strengthen rather than diminish, we not only lift up the hearts of others, but we ourselves are uplifted. If we spew out negativity through our words, we bring ourselves down as well as those we hurt. How will you use your words today?

Love – 25 Positive Words, Day 22

Day 22

If we have the perfect gifts for everyone in our family and fill their stockings to the brim, but are angry and rude to those around us, we miss the greatest gift of all – love.  And if our house looks perfect and we have the best decorations in the neighborhood, yet speak unkindly to others or gossip behind their backs, we’ve missed the most beautiful decoration of the season – love.

We may be busy, but we can always be loving in how we interact with others. Let’s look for ways to demonstrate God’s love through patience, compassion and mercy. Let’s shine the light of His love through our kind words, sincere smile and thoughtful actions, for this is truly how we celebrate Jesus and reflect His character.

Laugh – 25 Positive Words, Day 21

Day 21

Laughter is good medicine. Whether you burn the turkey, or re-gift the same gift to the person who gave it to you last year, or don’t finish the Christmas cards until Dec 27th – you have a choice in the way you respond. When frustrations happen, you can fall apart and declare, “Everything is going wrong!” Or you can laugh and see the humor in life.

Certainly there are times when we need to cry and grieve, but there are also times when we need to let out a good hearty guffaw.

Keep the laughter flowing throughout the holidays with funny movies, games, playing in snow or simply telling old stories. Remember, never laugh at another person’s expense. Laughter should elevate others’ hearts, not hurt them. Be deliberate about choosing laughter during this season and throughout the year.

Forget – 25 Positive Words, Day 20

Day 20

We never want to forget the goodness of God and His blessings each day, but there are certain things in life that we do want to forget. We need to forget our past mistakes. Certainly we learn from our errors, but we don’t need to keep replaying them in our mind and beating ourselves up about what we could or should have done. We also need to forget past hurts from others. It’s easy to drag up old memories about things people said or did to us and let bitterness grow, but it’s time to stop playing the “I am hurt” tape. Instead, let’s move forward with forgiveness and love.

Paul put it this way, “Forgetting those things that are behind and straining toward those things that are ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which Christ Jesus is calling me heavenward.”

Press forward my friends, leaving the past behind.