The Toughest Job You Ever Loved

The process of shaping the child, shapes also the mother herself. – Elisabeth Elliot

Motherhood made me a better person. I must admit, before having children I was a fairly self-focused young adult doing whatever I pleased, whenever I pleased. But when that first little bundle of Grace arrived, I grew to understand a depth of love and selflessness that I had never experienced before.

Caring for someone else’s needs above our own changes us. It stretches us, grows us and creates a hidden beauty just waiting to be uncovered. It seems a bit counterintuitive, and yet it’s true – the more we give from the heart, the more our heart is filled.

Whether you’re a mother or you have people in your life whom you pour into, may we continually find joy in the giving and not the taking, the stretching and not the hoarding, the sacrifice and not the self-centeredness. We are put here in this world for a purpose, and it is not for self-promotion, rather it is to give our lives away in loving and serving others. That’s the joy of motherhood! It’s the toughest job you ever loved.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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One thought on “The Toughest Job You Ever Loved

  1. TracyBurgess says:

    Karol, So enjoyed all those precious years parenting our girls!!! I will always
    remember how encouraging your books and get togethers where.I can hardly
    believe they are Moms now!! Best regards and keep writing!! Tracy Burgess

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