Do you Celebrate Lent?



This week many people observed Ash Wednesday, and whether you observe the season of Lent or not, we can all glean some positive principles from this sacred practice.

Originally, Lent was intended to be a time of reflection starting on Ash Wednesday and leading up to Easter. In observing the 40 days of Lent, the thought is that Christians replicate Christ’s 40 days in the wilderness. It’s a time to prepare our hearts for celebrating the sacrifice that Christ made on our behalf.

Somehow, over the years, the original purpose has become blurred and has more or less turned into a time of year to dump a few unhealthy practices for a season. Perhaps this year we can renew our focus. Turning our eyes upward, let’s ask the Lord what He would want us to do to prepare for the celebration of Easter. Since Lent is meant to prepare our hearts, perhaps we should consider issues of the heart.

What about letting go of:

  • Anger and Bitterness
  • Unforgiveness
  • Gossip and grumbling

What if we choose each day to:

  • Show gratitude to God and others
  • Live with kindness, love and compassion
  • Draw closer to God through prayer and reading His Word

What if we went beyond 40 days and allowed these practices to permeate our hearts as we prepare for not only Easter, but also the day when we will meet Him face to face? May we all use this season as a time of reflection as we seek to love Him more each day.

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