True Positive Day 4 – Stay Healthy


Our physical well-being plays a part in our attitude toward life. A recent USA Today article entitled “Foods that Make you Happy,” reminds us that diet and exercise play a vital role in maintaining a positive disposition. Not only does exercise provide benefits for our physical bodies, it also releases chemicals called endorphins, which help reduce pain and increase feelings of euphoria. As we consider all the aspects of being a sincerely positive person, we can not ignore the importance of eating healthy and getting proper exercise and rest.

As followers of Christ, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should honor God with our bodies. Think about the construction of Solomon’s Temple in the Old Testament, and how it was handled with precision, honor and care. Let’s pay attention to how we are maintaining our bodies and carefully consider what we put into our mouths, as well as how we maintain our fitness and health. You’ll be glad you did – literally!

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