Prepare Your Heart

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Each year Buckner International assembles a group of writers to contribute to their annual Christmas Advent Guide. This year I had the privilege of writing a devotional for the guide. I wrote about the peace that God brings into our hearts through Jesus Christ in a message entitled “Victory of Peace,” based on Romans 15:33.

I encourage you to download a free copy of Buckner’s advent guide, so we can walk through the advent season together. Click here to download your free copy or you can order a booklet to be sent to your house. May the peace that Christ brings to our lives be very real to you this season.

One thought on “Prepare Your Heart

  1. Donna Cox says:

    This little booklet is HUGE in giving peace and reflection of OUR GREAT GOD. Thank you for making this available. Send you also a little hug and a big prayer that God continues to use you mightily and that you have a WONDER-FULL Christmas.

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