My prayer for America


As we celebrate Independence Day this week, let’s also be diligent to pray and seek God’s mercy  and blessing for this great nation. My prayer for America is that we will return to our roots founded in the Bible. Daniel Webster, in his address delivered at Bunker Hill on June 17, 1843, said:

 To the free and universal reading of the Bible… men are much indebted for right views of civil liberty. The Bible is a book… which teaches man his own individual responsibility, his own dignity, and his equality with his fellow man.

I believe America will return to strength, when it returns to believing, accepting and obeying the principles in God’s Word. The truths of the Bible are timeless.

  • The Bible reminds us that God is our creator and that every human life is valuable.
  • The Bible teaches us the attributes of God.
  • The Bible teaches us how to live and how to interact with others.
  • The Bible teaches us about our sin and about God’s mercy and redemption.

So here’s my prayer:

Father, we praise You because You are good, You are love and You are holy.  Forgive us for we have strayed from Your Word and Your commands. Forgive us because we have placed our heart’s affection on the things of this world rather than the One who created it. We have forgotten your ways and replaced them with our own ways. We have lost our understanding of You because we have failed to read Your Word. Revive us Lord! Bring us back to You and draw us back to Your Word. Heal our land and have mercy on us. Restore us and bless us, so that we may once again be a nation shining brightly for You, one nation under God.

#ReturnToTheBible It begins with us. Take time to get to know the Bible. Don’t depend on someone else to tell you what it says – read it for yourself.

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