Refreshment for my Soul


The beauty of the Texas hill country never grows old to me. No matter how many times I enjoy this picturesque scene, the view always renews my spirit. Just as nature seems to refresh my spirit, so God’s Word refreshes my soul. I never grow tired of it!  How about you? Are you finding daily refreshment for your soul as you read the Bible?

Remember you are not alone as you take in God’s Word. God has given us His Spirit to lead us into all truth, so begin reading the Bible by seeking His guidance. Invite His Spirit to be your teacher and open your eyes to new truths. Spiritual truth must be spiritually discerned, and we need God’s Spirit to lead us. I like how author Andrew Murray (1828-1917) wrote about the importance of encountering God’s Word with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit:

“We must refuse to deal with the written Word without the quickening Spirit. Let us never take Scripture into our hand, mind, or mouth without realizing the need and the promise of the Spirit. First in a quiet act of worship, look to God to give and renew the working of His Spirit within you. Then, in a quiet act of faith, yield yourself to the power that dwells in you. Then wait on Him so that not only the mind, but the life in you, may be opened to receive the Word. The words of Christ are indeed Spirit and life.”

            Murray added this prayer:

“Lord God, I thank You again for the wonderful gift of the indwelling Spirit. Father, give me the Spirit of wisdom. May I know how deeply spiritual each word of Yours is, and may I know that spiritual things can only be spiritually discerned. Teach me in all my contact with Your Word to deny the flesh and the fleshly mind and to wait in deep humility and faith for the inward working of the Spirit to quicken the Word. May my meditation on Your Word, my keeping of it in faith and obedience, be in Spirit and in truth, in life and in power. Amen.[i]

Join me in growing deeper and getting to know God’s Word.  Becoming a Woman of the Word will be an encouragement and help. Click here for more info.

[i] Andrew Murray, The Spirit of Christ (New Kensington, PA: Whitaker House, 1984), pp. 78-80.

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