He Sees our Pain

still waters

“You are the God who sees me…”

“I have now seen the One who sees me.”

Genesis 16:13

When you feel as though no one knows the depth of pain, do not despair. There is One who sees.  You are not alone, for God sees you and knows your needs.  In the Old Testament we read how God’s angel met Hagar in the desert as she fled from the cruelty of Sarah. God meets us where we are and gently cares for our needs as well.  Whether we are experiencing an overwhelming day or going through a life-changing tragedy, we can rest assured that our God sees.  Perhaps you have been unfairly treated and think no one understands, God sees and He understands.

We are not invisible to God.  Just as Hagar was comforted by God, so we can find our comfort in knowing that God sees all. It’s easy to think that when bad things happen, God doesn’t see our situation or care about our problems. Be patient. Wait on Him. Have faith in the God who sees and has a plan that is bigger and more eternal than we can imagine.

This is an excerpt from Pursuing God in the Quiet Places.

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