Do You Know Your Neighbor?


Have you ever thought about the transformation that could take place in our culture if Christians reached out and loved the people whom God has placed right next door?  In His sermon on the Mount, Jesus told believers that they are the light of the world. Yet as believers it’s easy to huddle together at our churches and enjoy the fellowship with our own group, while ignoring the people God has placed around us both at home and at work.

What if we as Christ’s followers decided to get involved in the lives of the people God has put right in our path – our neighbors? What would that look like? How about inviting your neighbors over for dinner or for a cook out or to watch a game? Maybe you could meet for coffee or a meal at a local restaurant. What if you decided to start a neighborhood book study or Bible study?

When I was a young mom, I felt so isolated, and I didn’t know any of the other moms on my street. I was going to a large, mega Bible study at my church, but I felt God’s tug that I needed to reach out to the moms on my street. Since we didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood, my husband and I joined the homeowners association and decided to get involved. We joined the dinner club and the vegetable co-op, and I started investing time with our neighbors. Through the dinner club, I met one Christian woman who had the same heart for reaching out to neighbors as I did. Together we decided to start a Bible study. We chose a book to study, then made fliers inviting our neighbors to a Bible Study. We had no idea if anyone would show up – but God knew!

He brought five women from all different backgrounds and denominations. Some were familiar with the Bible, and others were curious to know more. The group grew and we became a heart sisterhood of support to one another. We experienced life together. We had baby showers, picnics and  holiday gatherings. We went to the hospital to visit when one of our ladies became ill, and we surrounded each other with care when one of us went through the loss of a loved one. Most importantly, we each grew deeper in our faith and our love for Christ as we explored His Word together. Several women came to know what it meant to put their faith in Christ as a result of this one Bible study.

I want to encourage you to ask God to lead you in how you can make a share His love by reaching out and connecting with your neighbors and co-workers. Be salt and light, inviting Him to work powerfully through you. Start a Positive Woman Connection study. We are here to help.

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