See God’s Provision

 Hello Friends.  I’m so excited that we will be starting the study of Colossians in September.  The title for this year’s study is “Positively Radiant,” and we will be learning specifically about the secret to living a confident life.  If you live near Allen, Texas we will be meeting on Wednesday, Sept 22 at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church (12:00 – 1:00).  In north Dallas we will be meeting at Prestonwood Country Club on Tuesday Sept 28 from 12 – 1.  I hope you will join us at one of these locations for fun, food, fellowship and most importantly learning from God’s word.

Here’s a little devotional thought from my Thrive book.

His Mercies are New Every Morning

What has God provided for you? It’s easy to focus on our problems and forget to look for the provisions God has given us all along the way. It may be a helping hand or listening ear of a friend. It may be another day of health or the opportunity to visit with a family member. It may be a physical provision of some sort.  We can give thanks everyday for God’s presence and peace. We can also thank God everyday  for the mercy He shows us, and the forgiveness of sins through Jesus.

The Bible reminds us that God is our Keeper and our Provider. The apostle Paul while imprisoned in Rome said, “God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Let’s open our eyes to the care God is giving us. We can begin by turning our eyes toward what we can be grateful for and turning our focus away from on all that is awful. Consider keeping a “Thank you, God” journal as you walk your road of disappointment. Each day write down at least one provision God has given you, and thank him for it. It may be as simple as God’s provision of food for that day or a roof over your head or a friend who called to ask you how you are doing.

Giving thanks ought to be a continual practice in our lives when things are going well, and when things stink. Even in our most difficult days, there is at least something (even if it is small) for which we can be thankful. Putting an entry into a “Thank you, God” journal every day helps us slowly turn from our sadness and begin to see possibilities. It forces us to observe what God has done and find reassurance of what he can do.

A PWC member, Denise Waters, felt compelled to write down at least five things she was thankful for every day. This attitude of gratitude so transformed her life and her way of thinking that she even created a guided journal called Give Thanks 5 A Day, which has a place each day to write down five things for which you are grateful. Try the principles of giving thanks each day, and you will find it will begin to transform your thinking as well. Most importantly, it will help you open your eyes to God’s care and the way he is working in your life day by day.  I know you will experience a lift in your attitude and spirit.

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