Surround Yourself with Sharp People


Jody Capehart, Donna Skell and Karol Ladd

   “Walk with the wise and you’ll be wise.  A companion of fools suffers harm,” Solomon

 Looking forward to seeing you this week at PWC, Tuesday at 12:00 at Prestonwood Country Club. Our speaker is Janee Harrell. You are in for a treat.  See you soon.  Here’s a little reflection from the writer’s conference Donna and I hosted this past weekend…

We never stop learning!  We grow and mature from life experiences, but we also learn from the people God places in our lives.  Surround yourself with wise people who encourage your growth both mentally and spiritually.  Solomon reminded us, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  Who sharpens you?

This weekend I was involved in hosting the 4th annual Christian Writers Conference through Roaring Lambs Ministries.  It was a tremendous event.  Although I was a speaker at the conference, I was also a learner.  I was surrounded by wise and seasoned authors like Mary DeMuth, Jody Capehart, Mary Hollingsworth, Allison Botkke, June Hunt and Kerby Anderson.  This was an opportunity not only for fresh writers to develop their skills, but also for mature writers to grow.

Kerby Anderson’s message especially hit home with me as I learned the importance of understanding our culture in order to reach them with the message of Christ.  I was personally challenged to be aware of new avenues for sharing my message and to stay current in order to speak truth in today’s society.

Concerning our message, he told us to consider:

– Uniqueness: how are you different?

– Expertise: what makes you credible?

– Branding: expert or keen observer

If we are to be effective in sharing a message of truth to the unbelieving world, we must be intentional about learning, adapting and growing.  I encourage you to walk with the wise and surround yourself with people who will challenge you and help you see new potential and possibilities all around you.  Keep on Growing!

To learn more about Kerby Anderson go to or

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