The Happiest Place on Earth

Red Carpet Welcome at Joni & Friends Camp

In my opinion, there’s no happier place on earth than Joni and Friends Family camp. 

The special needs campers are truly happy. Yes, they define the term “happy campers.”

The camp counselors are filled with joy as they serve the campers.

The parents and siblings of the campers are quite honestly blissful as they are offered the rare opportunity to relax and enjoy enriching fellowship and camp activities. 

Joni and Friends camp is a ministry outreach of Joni EarecksonTada, who herself is a quadriplegic since a diving accident when she was a teenager.  She wanted to create a place where families can take a vacation and enjoy the beauty of camp, while their family members with special needs are lovingly cared for by the camp counselors.  I visited one of these camps in southeast Texas this past weekend, and I must admit the joyful memories will linger in my heart for a long time.

Love abounds at the Joni and Friends family camp. All pretense is gone and in its place is a sweet innocence, a genuine care for others and a bountiful supply of serving hearts. I was particularly impressed by the camp counselors whose compassionate and upbeat attitudes looked past the outward appearances and touched the souls of the campers with the love of Christ.

Human perfection is highly over rated.  In a culture that seems to elevate the bright and beautiful, I was reminded of the beauty of simplicity and the power of sincere love.  Most importantly I was reminded that it is our imperfections that keep us aware of our need for God and for each other.  Our weaknesses and challenges point us toward a perfect God and build the anticipation for the day when we will have a glorious new body in Heaven.  Until that day, let us learn from our special friends to focus on what really matters in life – loving God and loving others.  

Please pray for Joni as she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is now undergoing treatment.  For updates you can read her blog at:

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