Good Question

The Ladd Hotel

It was an eventful weekend at the Ladd house (or should I say Ladd Hotel) as we had a house full of young adults staying with us.  Our daughter Grace’s best friend got married this weekend and much of the wedding party stayed at our house.  We had people everywhere!  I woke up Saturday morning to find kids on the floor, on couches, sleeping in recliner chairs and chase lounges.  I actually loved it.  I must admit ever since our kids went off to college, I have missed having the house filled with young people.  It makes me happy to have them.  Yes, I find true joy in hospitality, although making five pots of coffee in one morning does tend to tire you. The truth is there is joy in serving people and opening up your home and life to others.  Try it, you’ll like it.  Remember Paul’s words in Romans 12, “Be given to hospitality.”

It was also Father’s Day this past weekend and of course we heard a tremendous sermon encouraging Father’s in their important role as leaders of their families. I’m thankful for the leadership of my own father and the positive influence he had on my life.  Whether you had a good and loving father or one that did not step up to the plate as far as positive leadership, you do have a Heavenly Father who compassionately loves you and will never leave you.

The sermon we heard this Sunday challenged us to think about the legacy we are leaving our children and this world.  Our pastor encouraged us to ask ourselves the question, “If I were to die tonight, what one sentence would define my life.”

Good question. Let’s consider honestly how our life would be described in one sentence right here and now.  I guess a good follow-up question would be, is that the way I want my life to be described?  Ponder it.  Are you leaving a positive legacy to the next generation? May we live in a way that glorifies God and draws other people to Him.  I hope my signature sentence will be, “She loved God with all her heart and she poured out His love to the people God placed in her life.” I know I’m not there yet – a work in progress until the day of Christ Jesus, for sure – but I trust His divine power at work within me.

Hope to see you at the Positive Woman Connection in North Dallas at Prestonwood Country Club.  Join us at 12:00 for lunch and Bible study.  RSVP:

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