Three Cheers for Moms

Here's a recent picture of me with my two daughters Grace and Joy

Happy Mother’s Day!  May you rejoice in your high-calling as a mom.  I look forward to seeing you May 25 or 26 at the Positive Woman Connection.  Here’s a good word for you as we celebrate the gift of our moms.

Moms deserve a pat on the back and an enthusiastic word of encouragement, don’t you agree?  Here are three cheers that come to mind when I consider the heart of a MOM:

  1.  Hurray for Humility – Humility is a rare and beautiful quality.  Christ showed us the perfect picture of humility as He left his throne in Heaven and came to this earth in the form of a servant.  Certainly a mom humbly serves in her home as she lovingly considers the interests and needs of her family often above her own needs.  We are never so Christ-like as when we serve others in the beauty of loving humility. 
  2. Hurray for Compassion – Care and compassion seem to come naturally for a mom as she genuinely feels deeply with both the joys and the pains her children go through in life.  She cries when they cry, she laughs when they laugh.  Just as the Lord is compassionate and gracious with His children, so a mom pours out compassion and care to hers.
  3. Hurray for Strength – A mom is resilient.  She perseveres even when she is tired.  She overcomes hurdles and lifts up her kids when they fall down.  She keeps on going like the energizer bunny from morning until night.  She’s a champion!  May God continue to be her strength and joy for the journey ahead!

Celebrate one of God’s most precious gifts to this world –  the heart of a mom.

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