God’s Presence

It was a great week last week at the Positive Woman Connection Bible studies!  I loved seeing all of you and sharing a message from Philippians 2.  I think we all were strengthened by the truth of knowing God has a good purpose for our lives.

This past weekend I had the privilege of flying to Phoenix and speaking to the wonderful ladies at La Casa De Cristo church in Scottsdale. It was a blessing to get to know the tremendous women in this community of believers, as I observed their servant’s hearts and joyful spirits working together in the bonds of Christ. Truly a picture of the body of Christ shining brightly!

As I prayed about the message to share with the women there, God put on my heart the transforming truth we find throughout the Bible that God is with us and will give us strength. Even when we walk through dark valleys we do not need to be afraid for God is close beside us. As a Good Shepherd, his rod and staff protect and comfort us.

It may feel like God is far away when things go wrong and we become discouraged. But these can be the very times when our faith grows as we trust God and pour out our hearts toward him even when we don’t understand. I like what Sinclair Ferguson said, “Appearances can be deceptive. The fact that we cannot see what God is doing does not mean that he is doing nothing.”

One time when I was taking my mastiff to the vet, we met up with a beagle wearing a lamp shade. It wasn’t a real lampshade of course, it was one of those silly plastic collars that dogs have to wear so they won’t scratch something on their head. The beagle was miserable and I wasn’t sure how it was going to make it through the day, much less a week of wearing the lamp shade. The owner said to me, “If only my dog knew this is here to help her and protect her.” I thought to myself, how easy it is to doubt our master because we can’t understand why He is allowing something in our lives. Like the beagle, we can either fight against what God is doing in our lives, or trust the love of the master even when we can’t understand the process.

In the same way, I want to encourage you today, trust God’s care for you. You may not be able to see all the reasons why, but you can trust a God who loves you and sees your situation. He is with you. He has a good purpose and a kind intention for your life.

2 thoughts on “God’s Presence

  1. Andria Keller says:

    I just got one of your books today at Ross I’am looking forword reading it Positive Women one your web sight is awsome looks like it’s just what I needed GOD new I feel all alone …..going through so much… GOD help me pray for me to find a relationship with GOD…and to send me A FRIEND …..NOT FAKE FALSE PEOPLE…I’am so down and wounded by ministers……I’am tired….of the pain…..

    • Karol Ladd says:

      Thank you for your comment. I hear your pain. People can often hurt and disappoint. God can heal those wounds and give us stsrength to forgive and move on. May God give you hope and help day by day. Please keep in touch.

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