Christmas Joy

Hello my dear friends!  I’m looking forward to seeing you Tuesady at PWC.  If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, go ahead and do so today.  972-380-0123) I know we will have a delightful time together. 

Here’s a devotional thought for you to reflect on this week.

JOY, JOY, JOY!  We see the word everywhere during this season.  I’m especially in tune with the word JOY because one of my daughter’s name is Joy.  And yes, everytime I see something with the word Joy on it I’m tempted to get it.  We have JOY pillows, JOY hand towels, JOY Christmas ornaments, and even JOY cookie cutters!  It’s ironic that although this season is supposed to be the season of JOY, so few people seem to experience it.  Between family issues, past hurts, anger, unforgiveness, busyness and a bit of self-centeredness, JOY seems to be a rare commodity. 

Of all things, this week we celebrate the Advent week of Joy.  As Christians, we can find our joy in the Lord and in the fact that He sent Jesus to this world as a gift to pay the penalty for our sin.  There is lasting and true joy IN THE LORD.  As we turn our faces toward Him and consider His lovingkindness and goodness toward us there is a great joy that no one can take from us.  Now there may be some things that are clouding your joy that you need to consider in your life. This is the time to give the gift of forgiveness.  This is the time to cast your cares and worries on the God who loves you.  This is the time to get rid of the sin which robs you of your joy.  Find your joy in the Lord this Christmas season.

 There is great joy in serving others as well. One tradition I started just recently is going downtown to help out with Operation Care.  This is a giant Christmas party for the homeless in downtown Dallas.  It is an incredibly beautiful gift of love to the people in our community.  Hundreds of volunteers help literally thousands of homeless people, some of whom are bused in from surrounding cities.  If you live in the Dallas area consider helping out on Saturday, Dec 19 at the Dallas Convention Center.  Go to to sign up as a volunteer and for more information. 

 Joy to the World the Lord is come!  Let earth receive her King! May we proclaim His love as we experience a joy that no one can take from us.  I hope you have a wonderful week of enjoying family and more importantly drawing close to Christ.

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