Feeling Overwhelmed?

Positive Women Connections this week!

Prestonwood Country Club in North Dallas on Tuesday, Sept 22

Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church in Allen on Wednesday, Sept 23

Downtown Dallas Thursday Sept 24 at First Baptist


Here’s a Positive Encouragement for today.

Most of us have experienced those times when we feel as though we just don’t have the strength, energy or ability to go to accomplish the tasks ahead of us.  It may be an overloaded schedule or responsibilities with an aging parent or chasing several preschoolers around the house.  Perhaps a tragedy or trial in your life has gripped you with anxiety and fear.  I want to reassure you and encourage you that you are not alone.  Take one day at a time and begin to turn your eyes off of the overwhelming circumstances and onto the God who loves you.

God will not leave you in your darkest hour, although you may feel as though He is far away.  As a believer in Christ we have the reassurance that His spirit dwells within us and will net leave.  Jesus said to his followers, “I am with you always.”  There is a peaceful reassurance in knowing that God is with us.  Look to Him for strength and wisdom as you face your challenges.  Day by day, give your anxieties to Him and thank Him for what He is doing in your life.

You are not alone, because others have walked similar paths.  You are not the only one who has gone down this road.  Find comfort in the fact that others have made it through and you can too.  You can find strength and comfort in connecting with people who have journeyed down these similar roads through support groups and friends.

Take steps forward.  Don’t stay in a rut, and don’t allow yourself to be gripped with fear.  Move forward asking God to lead you,  guide you and equip you.  You may not be able to conquer everything, but you can do something. One step at a time. You remember how to eat an elephant don’t you? One bite at a time!

Day by day, one step at a time with eyes on the Lord (not on your circumstances) you will get through this.  David said, “I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.” Psalm 62

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