He Sees Us

“You are the God who sees me…I have now seen the One who sees me.” Genesis 16:13

            When you feel as though no one knows the depth of pain, remember that there is One who sees.  You are not alone, for God sees you and knows your needs.  In the Old Testament we read how God’s angel met Hagar in the desert when she fled from the cruelty of Sarah. God meets us where we are and gently cares for our needs as well.  We can rest assured that our God sees our pain and challenges, and He understands. 

            We are not invisible to God.  Just as Hagar was comforted by God, so we can find our comfort in knowing that God sees all. It’s easy to think that when bad things happen, God doesn’t see our situation or care about our problems. Be patient. Wait on Him. Have faith in the God who sees and has a plan that is bigger and more eternal than we can imagine.

He Carries Us

In the last few months of his life, Hudson Taylor told a friend, “I am so weak I cannot write. I cannot read my Bible. I cannot even pray. All I can do is lie still in the arms of God as a little child, trusting Him.”[i] There are times when we feel as though we cannot take another step forward. All we can do is be still and like a child rest in God’s precious arms. It is in our most difficult hours that God carries us. His arms are able and strong and can hold us close when we feel like we can’t go on.

            In Isaiah we read about God’s comfort for His people, “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart.”[ii]My friend, keep your eyes on Him. In times of difficulty, do not despair. Picture yourself being carried by your loving Father as He holds you close to His heart.

Save your people and bless your inheritance;
   be their shepherd and carry them forever.

Psalm 28:9

[i] Streams in the Desert, L. B. Cowman, edit. (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1997) p. 188.

[ii] Isaiah 40:11

Close Beside Us

Even when I walk through the darkest valley,

I will not be afraid,

For you are close beside me.

Psalm 23:4

            You are not alone. Your Shepherd is close beside you. He protects and comforts you in the midst of your darkest valleys. Do not be afraid for you do not walk your path by yourself. It is a great comfort to know that when we face the scariest times in our lives, He is there with us. The Bible doesn’t say that we will never walk through dark times, but it does reassure us that we won’t walk through them alone.

            What great assurance we have in knowing that the Lord our God will not leave us. Do not fear about things that may happen or the possibility of valleys in your life. The “what ifs” need not linger as long as we remember that our good Shepherd will protect and comfort us in the midst. Let us walk in confidence and not fear for the road ahead.