ENGAGE with Giving Tuesday

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The stress of poverty can have long-term emotional and physical effects on children. Recognizing the importance of encouraging parents to nurture their kids and help them break out of the cycle of poverty, Karol started ENGAGE Positive Parenting Initiative in 2012. ENGAGE uses a unique discussion-based approach to empower parents in their responsibilities of raising their families. We cover topics ranging from education to nutrition to emotional and social well-being.

This year ENGAGE added programs for moms in prisons (80% of incarcerated women are moms) and teen moms in public schools. We invite you to participate in making an impact in changing lives for generations to come.

Giving Tuesday is a wonderful day designed to turn our hearts toward caring for others following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We invite you to join with us in bringing hope to children by strengthening parents sense of responsibility in the home. ENGAGE is a non-profit completely run by volunteers. Your gift of $50 – $100 will provide lesson books, class materials and snacks for the parents we serve. Thank you for engaging with us as we continue to encourage parents to love, nurture and build a better future for their kids.

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Make a Positive Impact Today!


Does your heart bleed like mine when you think of children caught in the cycle of poverty? Several years ago I started Engage Positive Parenting Initiative, an outreach that is making a difference in the lives of parents and children in areas affected by poverty or adversity. Today, (North Texas Giving Day) we have you have the opportunity to help.

  • $25 provides 25 Engage Parenting booklets
  • $50 provides a class flip chart and certificates for parents
  • $100 trains 4 volunteers or provides snacks for an entire session
  • $275 provides for all the needs of an entire 8-week class


We invite you to participate. Engage Positive Parenting is part of the Women’s Non-profit Alliance, so the link you will use will be slightly different than the other links for North Texas Giving Day. Here’s the link to use:


Be sure to enter Engage Positive Parenting for the organization.

Thank you for your generosity and your commitment to Engage. We would be honored if you shared this info with your friends and family to let them know about our program.  Please visit www.engageparenting.com for more info about this wonderful organization.