Shine – 25 Positive Words, Day 11

25 words day 11

Shine the light of His love everywhere He takes you today. It may be the grocery store, or the shopping mall or at home with the kids, but no matter where you are you can shine His light in the darkness. Shine by speaking life into others through your kind and loving words. Radiate the warmth of God’s love through your demeanor and smile. Shine the light of the gospel in your texts and social media and share the hope that Jesus brings.

Lift – 25 Positive Words, Day 9

25 words day 9

When we choose to lift up others, we are also uplifted. There is great joy in being an encouragement to the people God places in our life. When we are busy elevating others it gets our eyes off our own problems as well. Look for ways that you can help someone have a better day. It may be a text, a handwritten note, a helping hand or even a smile. Everyone needs a boost of encouragement. Ask the Lord to show you the one person who needs a lift from you today. And don’t forget to lift your own eyes toward heaven praising and thanking God for His goodness and blessings each day.

Thankful – 25 Positive Words, Day 8

25 words day 8

Thankfulness isn’t just reserved for one holiday  in November. Thanksgiving day should be every day! When we focus on our blessings, our attitude changes from grinchy to glad and from critical to content. One way to experience the joy of the season is to make a deliberate effort to thank the Lord for the blessings and the challenges of each morning as you sip your first cup of coffee. Start the habit of gratitude today and see what a difference it makes in your attitude throughout the holidays and in life.